QuBit Conference Prague 2019 – Cyber security community event

QuBit Conference Prague 2019 is a cyber security event gathering all levels of security professionals, industry experts, academics and government officials.

QuBit Cybersecurity Conference strives to bring the latest information to the cyber community and to help spread the word that security matters as Internet and IT tools are now accessible to more than 2 billion people worldwide.
QuBit creates a unique way to meet the best and the brightest minds in the information security fields across multiple industries, and all carrier levels.

Attending a conference is an effective way how to educate yourself, promote your company and meet new partners and fellows. The cybersecurity market offers plenty of opportunities to join various events, workshops, conferences and trade shows.

7 reasons why to attend QuBit Conference

  • To be informed about latest trends and threats in Cyber Security field and stay one step ahead by getting know how other handle their security
  • To attend highly educational presentations, visionary key-note speeches and technical case studies
  • To connect with senior level experts, decision makers and technical geeks in order to see the bigger picture and understand issues from both sides
  • Listen to the international speakers, also experts from US and other countries, and also from the SEE region who understand your issues, that will share their best practices and solutions
  • To become a part of community of cyber security experts in SEE Region
  • Networking dinner and VIP reception is important and inseparable part of the event, that is giving space for more interactions, exchanging ideas and establishing professional long-term connections
  • To experience friendly and opened community atmosphere, because we care

Fresh information. Secure world. Community Spirit.

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Hotel International Prague, Koulova 1501/15, 160 45 Praha 6

Prague , Czech Republic

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Czech Republic




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