Workshop on the Economics of Artificial Intelligence and Data

Toulouse School of Economics

May 6, 2019

 co-organized by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission and the TSE Digital Center


Background and objective: Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and big data are currently receiving a lot of attention from both policymakers and firms. In contrast, there is relatively little academic work by economists on these topics. This workshop aims at bringing together academics, policymakers and industry representatives to discuss economic issues related to AI and data.  It will include two keynote lectures, policy-oriented panel discussions, and presentations of academic papers.

Keynote speakers: Avi Goldfarb (University of Toronto) and Jacques Crémer (Toulouse School of Economics).

Submission: We welcome submissions of papers on all economic aspects of artificial intelligence and data. However, we particularly encourage submissions of policy-oriented papers on the following topics:

  • AI and competition
  • Markets for information

Workshop venue: Berlaymont buiding, Rue de la Loi 200, 1049 Brussels, Belgium.

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