Computer Science Programme

Course Summary

On this Computer Science summer course, technological teens are given the chance to learn about the core theory of Computer Science as well as practical instruction in how to programme and code in three different languages. Students will ultimately possess all the skills necessary to build a website, which they will showcase to their peers at the end of the course.

The Computer Science Programme introduces students to the ever-changing discipline of Computer Science, with particular emphasis on the exploitation of computer systems to calculate, analyse and present data. In particular, the course provides valuable grounding in not only utilising computers as a valuable problem-solving tool but also in presenting and communicating results via the internet.


Oxford Royale Academy’s Computer Science Programme is aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about this increasingly popular - and vital - subject. The programme is suitable for students with intermediate-level IT skills, but does not require any programming experience.

What to expect from the Computer Science Programme course

This course provides a complete introduction to the thriving field of Computer Science, using the internet to illustrate key concepts. Students will learn website design using HTML for structure, CSS for formatting and Python to provide them with a foundation in a more scientific programming language. The mathematical principles behind computer science will also be explored, as students investigate the use of algorithms in programming.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will have:

  • learnt about all aspects of Computer Science
  • learnt three computer languages: HTML, CSS and Python
  • built their own website
  • acquired invaluable skills for the modern workplace
  • participated in lessons on programming theory combined with skills-based workshops


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