The 5 Best Perks of Being a Developer - Welcome to the Golden Era

The 5 Best Perks of Being a Developer - Welcome to the Golden Era

With fast-growing job demand, high starting salaries, and too many exciting job perks to list - you are now in the golden era of being a developer.

In fact, this article narrows down the 5 best perks of being a developer, so that you can get excited about the most attractive aspects of starting your programming career... For more helpful programming career tips, news and job listings make sure you subscribe to codeslaw, here.

Perk 1. Exceptional job security

Regardless if you’re a mobile, web or even a game developer, the entire programming field is one of the most optimistic lines of work in the world.

With a global rise in automation, Internet of Things (IoT) capability, mobile usage, Virtual Reality (VR), and so many other exciting technologies, it should be no surprise that developers are in demand across the board.

This means that new developers can feel confident about learning how to code, while more experienced developers can continue improving their skills. Good technology will continue to spread rapidly around the world, and this provides developers everywhere with exceptional job security.

Perk 2. Amazing company culture

In the technology industry, company culture has turned into a competitive job perk. This happens because good technology companies understand that skilled developers need to be treated like VIP’s in order to be kept around for the long-haul.

Yes, developers are treated like tech rockstars at the moment (enjoy it while you can).

As a result of this trend, the most competitive tech companies provide developers with free catered lunches, open bar happy hours, gym memberships, fully stocked kitchens, flexible working hours, company retreats and various other offerings.

Now, developers look for more than just a good starting salary when they’re searching for a development role. They know that company culture is one of the most attractive perks of being a developer.

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Perk 3. Potential for remote work

Having the option to work remotely is a surprisingly valuable job perk that more developers are searching for in a career.

While there are definitely some advantages to working in a traditional office setting, being able to work remotely provides developers with a sense of trust and freedom that might incentivize developers to do their best work.

Every developer role is unique. But, most development opportunities will at least consider the possibility of remote work at some point during your career. This might even enable you to travel the world while you write code for a living.

Perk 4. Personal projects

Being a developer rewards you with the skills to pursue amazing projects in your free time.

For example, if you use Swift to build iOS apps for your day job, then you might also launch your own mobile apps as a means of earning additional income. If you use Ruby on Rails to write web applications for your career, then you can also launch a minimum viable product of your own to see if there’s a market for your ideas.

The beauty of being a developer is that your skills are easily transferable to where you can launch projects for yourself, with friends, or even just for fun in your spare time.

Perk 5. Start-up equity

Developers often work for tech start-ups. And, if you decide to work for a start-up company, you will probably need to accept a certain amount of risk that comes with the position.

For example, there’s a chance that your start-up company might not ever turn a profit, acquire funding, or last for more than a few years. But, this is also why early stage start-ups usually offer equity as part of a developer’s compensation package.

And, if you acquire equity in a start-up company that manages to become highly profitable, then you just might end up with partial ownership of a multi-billion dollar organization. In other words, there’s always a chance that developers who work for start-ups can retire extremely early, and live well for a lifetime. There aren’t many other jobs where this is even a possibility!

Overall, if these 5 perks of being a developer don’t leave you excited about the future, you’ll be hard pressed to find another career path as invigorating as this one.

With powerful job security, amazing company culture, remote work, personal projects and start-up equity - there’s no other line of work that equips you with an all-around fulfilling lifestyle like development does.

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