What Makes a Great Mobile App - The Top 5 Qualities to Consider

There are 5 main qualities to consider when it comes to building a great mobile app. So, this article shows you exactly what it takes to build an exceptional mobile app, and attract a passionate base of users who love your product... For more helpful programming career tips, news and job listings make sure you subscribe to codeslaw, here.

Quality 1. Clear value

A mobile app that offers a clear sense of value is the type of product that users tend to love.

For example, the Sky Scanner app is one of the most popular mobile apps for finding cheap flights, because it genuinely delivers on its promises. The app makes it surprisingly easy to find and book inexpensive flights to great international cities. Meanwhile, most of Sky Scanner’s competitors aren’t able to deliver a similar sense of value.

So, when you’re in the earliest stages of building a mobile app, it really helps to have a crystal clear sense of how you’re going to add value to the end user’s life. If you can determine exactly how you’re going to offer value to your users, this will help you tremendously during the development process.

Quality 2. Design

Mobile app design is tremendously underrated. Because, most users don’t even stop to think about the role that design plays in a mobile app. But, great design is absolutely crucial when it comes to building an addictive UX.

For example, when the Pokemon Go mobile app frenzy went viral in mid-2016, a large part of Pokemon Go’s success had to do with the game’s detailed design. The game’s entire experience looks and feels hyperrealistic.

Fortunately, your app doesn’t need to invest millions of dollars into design work in order to launch a successful product. Even just paying close attention to the design of your app’s icon, User Interface (UI), and graphics can differentiate your app from the competition in a big way.

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Quality 3. Fun factor

Did you know that games are the most popular genre in the App Store? This indicates that mobile app users love to kill time on their mobile devices. So, if you can give your app a fun edge, regardless of the category that it competes in, then you can also provide your product with a big competitive advantage.

One of the easiest ways to make your mobile app more fun is through gamification. Gamification is the process of ‘gamifying’ your mobile app - or making your app more game-like.

Duolingo is a great example of a language-learning app that uses gamification to make education more interesting. In Duolingo, users are able to earn Lingots, which are a virtual currency that can be used to purchase items from Duolingo’s virtual store. But, other examples of gamification include progress bars, badges, and in-app achievements.

Quality 4. Usability

Usability is the ease of which someone can use your mobile app. And, ensuring that your mobile app is easy to use is a majorly overlooked aspect of mobile app development.

Because, the truth is that people typically aren’t going to use mobile apps that they don’t know how to use. What’s even more challenging is that human beings generally adhere to the principle of least effort, which means that most people put forth the least amount of effort required to accomplish any task.

In other words, you have to make your mobile app extremely simple to understand and easy to use, if you actually want people to use it. This is why most good developers invest in user onboarding, which greatly improves the likelihood that users successfully adopt your mobile app.

Quality 5. Empathy

Humans make decisions based off of emotions, and then later rationalize their decisions using logic. This is how all people are wired to think, simply as a result of Mother Nature.

Knowing this, it’s a good idea to make your mobile app connect with people on a deep emotional level. Yes, you should give your mobile app as much empathy as possible, as this will only help you attract more mobile app installations, and a more passionate user base. This can also be referred to as humanizing your product, or giving your app a persona.

Other methods of injecting empathy into a mobile app include using chat bots, personalized messaging, and conversational UI (among many others).

With the abundance of coding courses and other educational resources available to programmers, launching a basic mobile app is essentially a breeze. But, building a high-quality mobile app that attracts a significant user base is still a challenging task - as it’s always been. However, if you’re willing to apply these top 5 qualities that make a great mobile app, there’s a good chance that you’ll build a wonderful mobile product that users can’t get enough of.

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