School of Advanced Studies, University of Tyumen

In September 2017, the University of Tyumen launched a new teaching and research unit, the School of Advanced Studies (SAS). The strategic goal of SAS is to contribute to the global debate on the most important problems in the area of social sciences and humanities, life sciences and IT, and to provide a unique, high-quality education for the best prepared, most talented, and most highly motivated students from Russia and abroad.

To this end, PhD holders from top world universities will be recruited to fill 45 faculty appointments by 2020. At present, SAS employs 20 faculty from 8 countries that comprise 3 multidisciplinary research teams which create the School’s distinct academic profile.

The educational program of SAS offers students the opportunity to undertake interdisciplinary study across the social sciences and humanities, extending to their intersection with information technology and the biological sciences, and offering wide latitude and personal choice regarding the individual’s educational path. The baccalaureate program is bilingual (Russian and English). The classroom format is predominantly interactive small-group sessions, with students able to choose their major after the second year. An interdisciplinary required course of study is modeled on the core curricula of leading universities, while one-third of the course load consists of electives selected by students from dozens of unique courses developed by the SAS faculty.

The School of Advanced Studies is a portal to the wider world, both from the point of view of student and faculty mobility, and from that of intellectual engagement in the most pressing global debates. We invite you to join these debates.

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