Engineering Manager, ATLAS (Woking, GB)

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Job Title: ATLAS Engineering Manager

Function: Engineering

Reporting to: Engineering Director

Date of preparation: April 2021


The world around us is experiencing significant change, the greatest in generations.

McLaren Applied is a high-performance technology company which combines fresh thinking and innovation to solve crucial challenges and improve people's lives in industries as diverse as public transport, Internet of Things, automotive and motorsport.

ATLAS (Advanced Telemetry Linked Acquisition System) is a family of software products run in team factories and on race day in the team garage that enables race engineers and strategists to access powerful, race-winning insights in F1 and other motorsport series.

Every Formula 1 car carries hundreds of sensors, monitoring every performance parameter from suspension movement to engine temperature, and transmits data in real-time back to the team. Over the course of a grand prix – or indeed, any test, practice or qualifying session – that amounts to millions of individual data points.

Combine that with other relevant data, such as the location and speed of the car on track compared with every other car, and you have a vast wealth of information.

By presenting performance-critical data in a form that’s sympathetic to the human brain’s preferred means of interpreting it, ATLAS enables engineers and strategists to maximise team performance.

ATLAS can also overlay current data with historical data, helping to build an understanding of the car’s development trajectory – whether there are improvements, where they are, and how they compare with the results of simulations.

The ATLAS team deliver this software, and we are recruiting an Engineering Manager to lead this team as we make further improvements to this family of software products. As leader of the Engineering team, you will have the opportunity and freedom to work directly with many of the world’s best motorsport teams supporting the development, customisation and improvement of our product offerings.

ATLAS currently runs on the Microsoft Windows OS and SQL Server platforms with some additional cloud-based integrations.

Purpose of the Role

The Engineering Manager:

  • Leads the team of software engineers developing the ATLAS software product family.
  • Is accountable for delivering the agreed product roadmap which currently comprises a fixed cadence of software releases each of which contains new features plus defect fixes and improvements.
  • Has the freedom to negotiate roadmaps and delivery commitments and organise how the Engineering team develops and delivers new products.
  • Is accountable for hiring, managing, leading and developing the engineers within the team. The primary relationships that the Engineering Manager has (apart from the team members) are with the Product Manager, with commercial staff, plus direct contact with some of our customers and motorsport bodies to understand how well the ATLAS product family is performing.
  • Reports to our Engineering Director and is a member of the Applied Engineering Leadership Team.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Managing, developing and leading a team of software engineers.
  • Delivering new releases for products in the ATLAS family. You will be accountable for making and meeting delivery commitments and empowered to organise the team and projects to deliver effectively.
  • Working with customers to get insight into product performance and understanding how products could be improved.
  • Supporting the Product Manager for your products and enabling the engineering team to influence the product roadmap.
  • Supporting commercial team members, including advising and supporting bid work.
  • Planning and executing strategies to improve product development performance.

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications and Experience

  • We’re looking for the right combination of relevant software development and leadership experience, the ability to engage and lead a high-performing team, the capability to own and improve our products and to shape and define how new product development gets done. Someone who will create successful relationships within the company and do a great job of representing our brand to our customers.
  • Batchelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or equivalent practical experience.
  • Experience leading a software team.
  • Experience in evolving and improving software throughout the product lifecycle.

Values and Behaviours

You will be a key representative of McLaren Technology Group’s Values and Behaviours, the framework of which can be found here.

All employees must ensure compliance with the Company Health and Safety Policy, and all relevant other statutory Health and Safety legislation.

This job description may not detail all duties allocated to the post holder, nor cover duties of a similar nature which are commensurate with the role, which may from time to time be reasonably required by the relevant manager.

We believe in diversity and equal opportunities. Our people are our core strength and as such we create an environment that is all encompassing and inclusive.

Be proud. Be yourself!

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