Bachelor of Software Engineering

University of California Irvine

The Software Engineering major prepares students to be productive members of software engineering teams in a variety of application domains, with focus on the domains of major importance within each decade. It combines a solid foundation in computer science with knowledge of how to engineer modern software systems, and how to function within teams.

Coursework in mathematics and statistics provide students the basis for rigorous thinking; coursework in the foundations of computer science provide students the basis for computational thinking; coursework in topics of software engineering prepares students for the production of software; project courses prepare students for the practice of software development. The major emphasizes the design and implementation of large software systems.

The field of computer science continues to rapidly change as new technical possibilities and new application areas constantly arise. Your education must keep pace and position you for an exciting and relevant career. A single degree program can no longer do this in the face of how broad and all-encompassing the field has become. The Bren School is known worldwide for its long history of innovative educational programs, and continues this tradition today with six streamlined majors for you to choose from.

All majors share a strong foundation, each branching from there to provide you with a tailored, modern curriculum that builds upon our ever-expanding portfolio of courses; courses that we carefully and continuously update to stay current.

Our counselors can assist you in choosing the right major. Because our majors share a core philosophy, should your interests change after arrival you will be able to change majors in your freshman or early in your sophomore year without having to take additional coursework.

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