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Most organizations today are fundamentally dependent on their IT systems. Few could survive for very long without them. It is worrying, then, that many leadership teams are also dissatisfied with the value and contribution that they perceive IT is making to their business. Blame is usually laid at the door of the company’s IT leader. ESMT research reveals that many are struggling with the kind of leadership necessary to drive their organizations forward in the use of digital technologies.

The English language program “IT Leadership Program” (ITL) provides the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to be a successful and dynamic IT leader. The underpinning philosophy of this program is that chief information officers (CIO) and IT directors are first and foremost business leaders, albeit with special responsibilities for IT.

By the end of the program, participants will have developed leadership capabilities that will help them to shape the strategic direction, drive innovation, and optimize value from digital investments. You will also have the confidence to operate effectively in the C-suite.

Scholarship Opportunities

To increase the number of female executives in IT, ESMT awards 1 partial scholarship and one ESMT/30% Clubpartial scholarship (value €4,450) for women in IT leadership positions. Exceptionally qualified and talented candidates might be eligible for the scholarships. Please get in contact with the ITL Program Director Prof. Joe Peppard.

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