Master of Science in Computer Science

The study of computer science is as dynamic as it is topical. Few fields hold more promise or more responsibility for what our future will look like. From space travel to robotics, from software engineering to artificial intelligence, from high finance to bioinformatics, the applications for an advanced degree in computer science are numerous. 

Our 9-course master's program is designed for students who have already earned an undergraduate degree in computer science. Whether your goals include advancing your career in computer science or eventually working toward a PhD, Brandeis' computer science program offers in-depth and broad-based scholarly exposure while providing professional training in computer science.

Why Brandeis?

The graduate programs in computer science are relatively small, allowing for individualized attention even as students receive the rigorous interdisciplinary training that is a hallmark of Brandeis. Brandeis is home to a number of computer science research labs, in addition to individual faculty labs. The proximity to Boston and Cambridge, with their thriving technology scene (which includes Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon), is a further advantage, offering research, internship and career opportunities.

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