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Cybersecurity professionals who can develop solutions for protecting infrastructure and cyber technologies are in high demand. Bellevue University’s Master’s degree in Cybersecurity online or in-class provides active learning of information assurance techniques, network security technologies, and computer forensics based on real-world scenarios.

Faculty with real experience prepares you with the knowledge and skill to recommend solutions that safeguard an organization’s information technology systems. The curriculum is designed to expand your expertise in protection and risk management techniques and graduates with this advanced degree in cyber security will open up wide opportunities in both public and private sector careers.

The Cybersecurity Master's degree program prepares you to:

Prevent network attacks by applying digital protection techniques across systems and platforms

Detect and mitigate cyberattacks with the use of tools and countermeasures

Manage information security risk and identify system vulnerabilities

Develop a business continuity plan in the event of a security incident/cyberattack

Implement digital forensics investigative techniques

Bellevue University offers the Cybersecurity Master’s degree in two program formats: Traditional, Accelerated Cohort

The traditional format, offered online or in-class, is geared for entry or mid-level professionals and follows our standard schedule for completion of a master's degree.

An accelerated cohort option is available to experienced professionals with work experience in MIS, IT, or Information Security fields and possessing current security certification. Talk to a graduate Admissions Counselor about the cohort option, also offered online or in-class, to determine how you could accelerate completion of your Master’s degree in cyber security.

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