PhD in Computer and Information Sciences

The PhD in Computer and Information Sciences offers an opportunity for exceptional students to pursue substantial research in the computer sciences and related areas. To earn a PhD degree, a student must demonstrate breadth of knowledge in at least two research areas and significant depth in a chosen dissertation area. In addition, the student must conceive, write and defend a PhD dissertation representing a significant and original contribution to current academic research as demonstrated by a public dissertation defense and publication in established peer-reviewed academic conferences and/or journals.

There are two tracks within the PhD Program: the Computing track (C-track) and the Information Systems and Human Computer Interaction track (I-track). Students pursuing PhD topics in typical computer science areas such as algorithms, artificial intelligence, databases, machine learning, programming languages, software engineering, etc. follow the Computing track. The Information Systems and HCI track is for students whose topics fall under those two areas. Students must choose whether to enter the Computing or Information Systems track at admission. 

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