Software Engineering (Dip)

NUI Galway


This fully online diploma provides a focused programme of study in the area of software design and development, providing an insight into technical skills and modern industry techniques. Computer programming and design are taught in the diploma, as well as a number of important software engineering methodologies.

This programme is part-time and runs over one year. You will study one online module every eight weeks. This is an ideal programme for students who wish to:

  • Update their software development and ICT skills
  • Engage with an interesting and challenging curriculum in a flexible, online environment
  • Improve their employability opportunities by re-skilling in the area of software development

Rather than being a general-purpose award in computing, the intention of this diploma programme is to provide a coherent and complementary set of in-depth modules which bring the student up-to-speed on relevant software development tools and techniques

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Galway , Ireland