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Mba programs

Study Abroad

Enhance your Masters studies with the opportunity of a lifetime. Gain knowledge of how business works in another country to enhance your international perspective.

Some of our postgraduate programmes offer the opportunity to compete for a place on our popular postgraduate study abroad programmes, which provide the chance to spend an additional semester at one of our partner institutions. As well as extending your study, some of our Masters programmes also have their own study abroad opportunities. These include summer schemes which replace some of your study modules and count towards your degree.

If you are a visiting Masters student from any of our overseas partners, you can also join our Masters programmes for one term to gain international experience at LUMS.

Tab Content: Masters Study Abroad

All our Masters programmes offer the opportunity for you to compete for a place on our popular postgraduate study abroad programmes. This gives you the chance spend an additional semester at one of our partner institutions, to experience a new culture and academic environment, learn a new language, and extend your professional and personal networks.

When would I go?

These programmes start anytime between the end of July and the beginning of October, depending on our partner institution term dates. You will need to take their dissertation into consideration before applying.

You can enrol on whatever courses you choose, so you can tailor your programme to your personal interests. These courses do not count towards your Lancaster degree, so it's a great opportunity to enhance your CV with new subject areas that complement those you have studied at LUMS. There are no additional fees charged to study at our partners, but you have to budget for living and travel costs including visas and additional insurance costs.

How to Apply?

Applications are only accepted once you have arrived, so you will get full details of the options available in your programme handbook when you register. We also hold promotional sessions during the first term, enabling you to find out more about what is involved. If you then decide to apply for a place, you need to do so in February– i.e. in your second term at LUMS. The selection is based on the results you have achieved in your coursework during your first term at LUMS.


Tab Content: MBA Study Abroad

Most of our MBA students are focused on furthering their global careers, so gaining additional experience of studying in other countries and cultures provides an important advantage. That is why we have established partnerships with a number of world-class institutions, providing MBA study abroad schemes that allow you to enrich your international experience as part of your Lancaster MBA.

How to Apply

You can decide during the first term whether to apply for a study abroad programme, and we can advise on which opportunities are available to you. Places are limited, and awarded on a competitive basis, so you will need to show consistently high level of academic performance, strong personal motivation, aspiration and a clear sense of what this will contribute to your career development.

Past Exchange Schemes

Below are examples of our exchange schemes, which may vary. For details of exchange opportunities available to you, please contact the MBA Team.

Partner University

'Doing Business in China'

Devised for MBA students from around the world, this two-week programme introduces you to the Chinese economy, history and culture, and helps you gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in the Chinese market. Alongside a programme of lectures, company visits, cultural excursions and more, you will also have classes in basic Mandarin.

This placement takes place in May/June, and replaces two Lancaster MBA electives.

Costs: a programme fee of RMB 15,000 plus flight costs and additional expenses.

EMLyon, France

International MBA Electives

Students can join EMLyon MBA students and participate in EMLyon’s International MBA summer electives.  A variety of modules are on offer during the elective period for students to choose from and these are taught in English.  Students will take two EMLyon modules in place of two Lancaster MBA elective modules.

Costs: no fees for the programme itself but you will need to cover your travel, accommodation and general living costs.

Tab Content: MSc Management Study Abroad

Our Study Abroad schemes offered as part of the MSc Management programme provide an opportunity for you to gain further international experience as part of your MSc. International experience is increasingly desired by employers, so the cross-cultural understanding developed whilst studying abroad is an excellent way to stand out in the jobs market. 

The international opportunities open to students on the Management MSc may include:

  • International Summer Schools (that form part of your MSc Management degree from Lancaster)
  • Postgraduate Study Abroad Opportunities (after completion of the programme)

As an example, below are the details of exchange programmes previously available for the MSc Management. Our up-to-date partners are confirmed on an annual basis each October.

Past International Summer Schools

  • Content: students attend the International Summer University (ISU)
  • Language requirements: classes are taught in EnglishWherever possible, however, students should take the German course available through the Lancaster University Languages for All programme (for which an additional fee may be charged).
  • Location: Moscow
  • Content: students attend the International Summer School
  • Language requirements: classes are taught in English
  • Location:  Paris

  • Content:  students attend the international summer academy

  • Language Requirements:  classes are taught in English

Funding for European students

For UK and EU students, some of these exchange programmes – specifically those lasting 12 weeks or longer – qualify for some grant support under the EU's Erasmus programme. The amount available varies each year, depending on the overall sum allocated to Lancaster University by the EU.

Tab Content: Visiting Masters Students

LUMS offers the chance for students undertaking Masters at other partner universities to join our Masters programmes for one term, either in the autumn or the spring. It is not possible to come in the summer as this term at LUMS is devoted to completing Masters dissertations.

As a visiting student, you have to meet the entry requirements for the degree programme you have chosen, and you must follow the curriculum of one programme only. Because you become an integrated member of the degree cohort for your selected programme, you cannot mix and match modules from more than one programme.

Some Masters programmes may give preference to students coming in the autumn (Michaelmas) term. If you wish to study at Lancaster in the spring (Lent) term, you will need to demonstrate that you have covered the equivalent of what Lancaster students will have studied in the autumn term.

How to apply

You must first be nominated by your home university. Your international coordinator will then send the nominations to us and we will contact you directly about the application process. Once you are nominated, we will need both the transcript for your Bachelors degree and the syllabus for your Masters degree so that we can advise you on which Masters at LUMS you are eligible for. When we have all the relevant documents, we will then contact you to discuss which Masters degree you wish to apply for – and you will then need to apply through our online information system.


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Mba programs


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